We listen.

Our almost 16 million visitors a month spoke.

They said. “Homes.com, cool name, but those other guys have a name made up from words we don’t know.”

An idea was born. Research was born. A brand was born.

To paraphrase our frenemies in telling our own story, it happened just like this (cue Wayne’s World flashback):

We were just thinking about real estate and thinking about putting up different words on the white board. There was the emotional side, there was the house side, and then there was the data side of it. We had words for the data side of it, words for the house side of it and words for the emotional side of it and eventually put truth, lowest and tor (we’re geeks!) together to make trulowtor.

It was really a team effort. We may have been drinking at the time. Smoothie King smoothies, most likely. I don’t know, possibly. Another one is, we were kind of cheap and we didn’t want to spend more than $11.99 for a URL and if you’d made the mistake once of picking a real word like homes.com, like we did, or something silly like that, it would actually cost money. You might remember a time when those URLs would go for millions or tens of millions of dollars, these literal URLs. We didn’t want to have to pay the money, so we knew we’d have to make up a word.

trulowtor was born.

So we bought it for $11.99 on GoDaddy.com.

Then we played Scrabble. I like high point Scrabble letters. The high point Scrabble letters Z, Q, J, K — these are the best letters for brand names because they’re rare, and they’re memorable, so we avoided all those and went with mostly low value Scrabble letters.

And we’ve never looked back.